Things Nobody Tell You about Cervical Pain

Cervical pain is mainly caused due to weakening of the joints that hold the neck, any issues pertaining to the back, spinal cord or neck can cause neck pain.

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Cervical pain is mainly caused due to weakening of the joints that hold the neck, any issues pertaining to the back, spinal cord or neck can cause neck pain. The problem in these areas may arise from strain, spasm, muscle strain, cartilage tear, muscle tear, sudden trauma to the neck or spinal cord, neck injury and related problems.

We all study about cervical collar traction, cervical problems and other such issues but there are certain very generic problems that remain unanswered. People who suffer from cervical pain have numerous questions to ask, those who are under treatment as well as those who have opted for easy home remedies for treating cervical pain have some common questions about cervical pain that need to be addressed.

Cervical Don’ts: What should People with cervical pain avoid?

Most of the people go through cervical pain treatment without making any changes in their lifestyle habits like posture, sleeping habits and so on because of which the healing process slows down. Before you inform yourself on what to do during cervical pain, check on the negatives first. Here are some don’ts of cervical pain.

  • Sitting for prolonged time, especially those with desk jobs or jobs that involve sitting in stressful position for long should avoid doing so for prolonged period.
  • Lifting weights on the head or the back because these are the problem areas in cervical pain.
  • Travelling from bad roads or travel for long duration, taking a break in between is a nice way to let your back straighten out.
  • Taking pillows under the neck while sleeping, if you want to take a pillow, buy cervical pillow and use that.
  • Making sudden movements of the neck like twisting the neck, extending the neck, rotation of the neck etc.
  • Sitting or sleeping in bad postures. Many of the people in desk jobs have a continual problem of neck pain; this can be avoided if they improve their postures.

Do yoga exercises help in treating cervical pain?

If you are someone who believes in going all-natural then yoga exercises are a great way to treat cervical pain naturally. Of course, the result will come late and you cannot be sure of whether you will get rid of the cervical pain or not but yoga is a natural therapy and there is no harm in trying it. The core concept of yoga is strengthening of the body, which is what the patients suffering from cervical aim for. However, it is always good to consult a physiotherapist before knee support during an injury because if you have a severe neck injury then some of the regular neck strengthening exercises might cause more harm than good.

How to Avoid Neck Pain While Using a Laptop

Laptops are a portable device, they are easy to use, you can carry them everywhere but they are literally eating of your back and neck. No one can completely avoid using a laptop, I am doing so even as I write this, which is why the feasible way to avoid neck pain while using a laptop is to use it properly.

When you are using a laptop, always keep the screen at eye level. Nevertheless, when you use the laptop, your arms askew, even if you keep the screen at eye level and if you adjust the laptop to address the arm problem, then you will probably be sitting in a bad back posture. To avoid this, you can either by a ergonomic setup which will ensure that you work while keeping a check on the posture or you can attach components to your laptop like keyboard and mouse, yes it will become rather bulkier but it will still remain portable.

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