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What Is The Quickest Way To Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself?What Is The Quickest Way To Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself?

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 But what are the best diets to lose weight? 
Obesity across the industrial world is at an all-time high. One in three people are obese and this number has doubled in ten years.
Being overweight is a serious issue and can lead to diabetes, heart problems and even cancer.
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Wait a minute though. What if you love your food and the idea of eating alfalfa sprouts and lettuce or just starving yourself to lose weight depresses you so much you turn to the snacking cupboard.
So many people associate losing weight with being hungry all the time. They are afraid to start a new weight loss program because it can be so hard to keep too even a simple regime without avoiding the pangs of hunger.
You have to ask yourself “is it really better to be overweight than starve?” What kind of life is it if you are constantly feeling hungry?
Natural Instincts:
Hunger is a natural instinct. It is our body telling us that we are hungry and that we need to eat. Unfortunately the food companies are very clever and have learned to use advertising to their advantage and they do their best to convince us that what they want to sell us is full of wholesome nutritious goodness. Obviously this is often far from the truth.
Our body does not care that food is plentiful in the world where we live. It acts the same as if we were living in the wild and we would have to hunt or go and gather wild berries. Remember it is not wise to go against the instinct that is designed to protect us from starving to death.
You do not have to be hungry in order to starve. On the contrary, when you eat regular healthy meals you will find it easier to stick to your healthy eating plan. This will make it easier to reach your goal and stick with it. Keeping your hunger in check will help you to stop feeling frustrated and miserable.
Weight Loss and Dieting is big business. We are always aware of the next big weight loss product promising amazing results.
Obviously you will hear of amazing success results showing well known celebrities who have just given birth and who, within a few days have fantastic pre pregnancy figures.
The downside to many of these plans is the expense. The pills can contain dangerous chemicals or have large amounts of caffeine.
If you want to partake in these celebrity plans, that’s great, but be aware that everything they offer can be done in your own homes – and you do not have to starve to achieve it.
It will not be easy and you will need willpower to achieve your goal, but losing weight can be achieved without starving yourself. Without dieting

Things Nobody Tell You about Cervical PainThings Nobody Tell You about Cervical Pain

Cervical pain is mainly caused due to weakening of the joints that hold the neck, any issues pertaining to the back, spinal cord or neck can cause neck pain.

pain point

Cervical pain is mainly caused due to weakening of the joints that hold the neck, any issues pertaining to the back, spinal cord or neck can cause neck pain. The problem in these areas may arise from strain, spasm, muscle strain, cartilage tear, muscle tear, sudden trauma to the neck or spinal cord, neck injury and related problems.

We all study about cervical collar traction, cervical problems and other such issues but there are certain very generic problems that remain unanswered. People who suffer from cervical pain have numerous questions to ask, those who are under treatment as well as those who have opted for easy home remedies for treating cervical pain have some common questions about cervical pain that need to be addressed.

Cervical Don’ts: What should People with cervical pain avoid?

Most of the people go through cervical pain treatment without making any changes in their lifestyle habits like posture, sleeping habits and so on because of which the healing process slows down. Before you inform yourself on what to do during cervical pain, check on the negatives first. Here are some don’ts of cervical pain.

  • Sitting for prolonged time, especially those with desk jobs or jobs that involve sitting in stressful position for long should avoid doing so for prolonged period.
  • Lifting weights on the head or the back because these are the problem areas in cervical pain.
  • Travelling from bad roads or travel for long duration, taking a break in between is a nice way to let your back straighten out.
  • Taking pillows under the neck while sleeping, if you want to take a pillow, buy cervical pillow and use that.
  • Making sudden movements of the neck like twisting the neck, extending the neck, rotation of the neck etc.
  • Sitting or sleeping in bad postures. Many of the people in desk jobs have a continual problem of neck pain; this can be avoided if they improve their postures.

Do yoga exercises help in treating cervical pain?

If you are someone who believes in going all-natural then yoga exercises are a great way to treat cervical pain naturally. Of course, the result will come late and you cannot be sure of whether you will get rid of the cervical pain or not but yoga is a natural therapy and there is no harm in trying it. The core concept of yoga is strengthening of the body, which is what the patients suffering from cervical aim for. However, it is always good to consult a physiotherapist before knee support during an injury because if you have a severe neck injury then some of the regular neck strengthening exercises might cause more harm than good.

How to Avoid Neck Pain While Using a Laptop

Laptops are a portable device, they are easy to use, you can carry them everywhere but they are literally eating of your back and neck. No one can completely avoid using a laptop, I am doing so even as I write this, which is why the feasible way to avoid neck pain while using a laptop is to use it properly.

When you are using a laptop, always keep the screen at eye level. Nevertheless, when you use the laptop, your arms askew, even if you keep the screen at eye level and if you adjust the laptop to address the arm problem, then you will probably be sitting in a bad back posture. To avoid this, you can either by a ergonomic setup which will ensure that you work while keeping a check on the posture or you can attach components to your laptop like keyboard and mouse, yes it will become rather bulkier but it will still remain portable.

Quick Weight Loss at Your Own RiskQuick Weight Loss at Your Own Risk

In today’s society so many people are looking for quick weight loss solutions. What people fail to realize is that weight loss should be done gradually. There are so many people who want to look good for the summer, fit into a size 4 or simply feel better about themselves, but quick weight loss is not the answer.

why is it so hard to lose weight

If you are looking to lose weight there are some things you need to consider and quick weight loss is one of them. We are constantly bombarded with quick weight loss solutions that in the end, only hurt us. With so many people wanting to look their best for the summer or simply feel better about themselves, the desire for a quick solution is more apparent than ever. Losing it fast is not the answer and you’ll know why shortly.

When people lose weight too quickly like on 1,000 calorie per day diets or even worse on crash diets, they may be setting themselves up for medical problems. Crash diets for example can lead to a loss of water and muscle which ultimately does not help in their weight loss efforts. Here’s a fact: when someone crash diets, each pound of weight loss contains more lean tissue(muscle) and less body fat than a moderate weight loss diet. When you are trying to lose weight you want to burn the fat, not the muscle.

When an individual engages in a quick weight loss regimen they will begin to feel tired and sluggish more often. This is due to the lessened amount of calories being taken in. When this happens, the body’s metabolic rate slows down. The results of a slower metabolic rate are less energy and more fat storage. Your goal is to speed up the body’s fat burning engine, not slow it down. This can be accomplished by eating more small meals throughout the day. Your goal is to burn the fat and not store it.

Along with an increased fat store, crash dieting can have long term effects. One big problem is the bodies inability to maintain the weight that was lost. This can be attributed to the fact that the body’s metabolic rate had slowed and lean tissue has been lost. What people often don’t know is that when you do regain the weight coming off a crash diet it will not be muscle, but more fat. For most, this turns into a vicious cycle of crash dieting, lost energy and continued loss of lean muscle mass.

When trying to lose weight it pays to be patient rather than resorting to these tactics. There are many reasons for this. First, when you gradually reduce calorie intake it gives your body time to adjust, helps the body preserve lean muscle mass and will help you sustain energy. Second, you’ll be able to maintain your strength and stamina. Finally, you help the body’s ability to process oxygen which aids in fat burning for fuel.

In closing, when you lose weight gradually, you not only look better but feel better as well. Crash diets will be around for years to come but don’t fall prey. They will only hamper your efforts for permanent weight loss.

Health Benefits Of GarlicHealth Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is one of the most valuable foods on this planet and has been used for thousands of years for many diseases and illnesses.   It is a member of the onion family and the world’s second oldest medicine – the first being Ephedra.

It is a potent immune system stimulant and a natural antibiotic. It can be eaten raw or cooked, taken in supplement form, or used to prepare garlic oil.

Raw garlic works best as a powerful, natural antibiotic that fights bacteria, parasites and viruses. It detoxifies the body and protects against infection by enhancing the immune system. It is good for heart disease (2 to 3 cloves a day lessen the chance of heart attacks and stroke); contains many preventive anticancer compounds and antioxidants.

It is good for colds (a decongestant and expectorant); works as an anti-asthmatic, antibacterial, antidepressant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antioxidant, antiviral, carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic, estrogenic, parasiticide and rubefacient. 

Garlic is used to treat allergies and asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, athlete’s foot, bronchitis, cancer, colds and flu, diabetes, diarrhea, diverticulitis, earaches and ear infection, fibrocystic breast disease, gout, heart attack and cardiovascular disease, herpes, hypertension, insect wounds, intestinal complaints, jock itch, sore throat, urinary tract infections and warts. Good for virtually any disease or infection.

It is effective against fungal infections, including athlete’s foot, systemic candidiasis and yeast vaginitis and there is some evidence that it may also destroy certain viruses, such as those associated with fever blisters, genital herpes, a form of the common cold, smallpox, and a type of influenza. It is used to prevent certain types of cancer, including colon and stomach cancers.

Garlic can be drank as a tea; simmered in oil as an ointment; eaten in food; made into volatile material that can be inhaled, mashed and so on. It has also been used internally and externally to arrest tumor; eaten to develop immunity to cancer and to kill intestinal worms; the oil snorted into the nostrils to cure sinus infections; rubbed on arthritis parts as a pain killer. It suppresses yeast and makes mucus less sticky.

It contains many sulfur compounds, which give it its marvelous healing actions. An alternative to fresh garlic is Kyolic, which is an odorless “sociable“garlic product and is available in tablet, capsule and oil extract forms. Aged garlic extract such as Kyolic is the best.

The chemical and nutritional content of garlic includes; allicin, ally disulfides, calcium, copper, essential oils, germanium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, phytoncides, potassium, selenium, sulfur, unsaturated aldehydes, zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C.

To avoid smelling like garlic; odor free, enteric coated tablets and capsules are available; garlic oil and tinctures are also on the market. Follow package directions.

Caution: Garlic may increase the potency of blood thinning drugs. It may also increase the effectiveness of medicine used to lower blood sugar levels in the treatment of Type II diabetes. Those who are sensitive to garlic may experience flatulence or heartburn.

As with all nutritional supplements, garlic supplements should only be used in amounts typically recommended for medicinal purposes and you should always consult with a health professional first, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription medications.


Arthritis – Garlic is high in sulfur, which absorbs toxins that may be irritating joint tissues. Take supplement of choice, follow package instructions.

Athlete’s Foot – This powerful herb has antifungal actions capable of wiping out a case of athlete’s foot. Just steep six crushed cloves in a basin of hot water for an hour, then soak feet for 20 minutes. For an especially harsh case of athlete’s foot, crush 5 or 6 cloves and add to a small bottle of olive or sesame oil. Apply the oil to clean, dry feet as needed. Be careful – if the oil is too potent it can burn your skin.

Cholesterol/Heart Disease/High Blood Pressure – In order to reap the health benefits, you will need to add 4 or 5 cloves to your diet daily OR take 2 garlic tablets daily on a full stomach. It has the power to thin the blood and prevent heart attacks.

Colds/Flu – For fighting the common cold, chew or swallow a whole clove every couple of hours OR use garlic oil capsules or tablets; the more popular, odorless alternative. Take 2 capsules 3 times daily. Use garlic oil nose drops to ward off nasty flu bugs. During the height of flu season, apply 5 drops of tincture to each nostril (the first place you are likely to pick up a virus) every few hours for a few days. To make your own nose drops; mix one clove of crushed garlic to 10 parts water.

Earache/Ear Infection– Garlic mullein eardrops are a comforting cure for earaches. Garlic has antimicrobial actions, the mullein acts as a decongestant and helps numb pain. Treat both ears, even if only one hurts. Infections often migrate from one ear to the other.

Sore Throat – It is one of the best natural antiseptics – take garlic oil capsules (15 grains) six times a day.

Warts – Many warts respond to garlic oil; especially on the hand and foot. Spread vitamin E oil around the wart to protect the surrounding skin. Then, apply a freshly crushed clove directly on the wart and cover with an elastic bandage. The first sign of progress will be a tingle or slight burn. Within a few days you will notice the formation of a blister. Keep applying the vitamin E oil to keep the skin soft and aid the healing process.

Know How to Prevent Skin Cancer & its SymptomsKnow How to Prevent Skin Cancer & its Symptoms

Skin cancer is the commonest diversity of human cancer. It’s expected that over one million new cases occur annually. The yearly rates of all kinds of cancer are increasing every year, instead of a growing public apprehension. The cancer is typically a result of an unnecessary amount of experience to the sun. herbal remedies Whereas cancer is that the commonest variety of cancer, many varieties are each preventable and treatable. The
skin cancer treatment centers are in each a part of the world. Several of those treatment centers are housed within bigger cancer hospitals and clinics. Every cancer center makes a specialty of cancer treatment and prevention. One among the simplest lines of protection alongside skin cancer is education relating to the damaging effects of sun spotlight, noticed it and understanding the healing method.

As an average form of disease, the skin disease affecting in people of all age groups. The reason of disease and disorder is its repulsiveness and related hardship that are one of the hardest poor healths to get habituated to mainly when it has located in a place that difficult to hide such as the face, even with make-up. Most diseases are showing their results for long time. There are several types of skin diseases in india that occurred in most people due to bad environment and hard sunlight. The diseases are Psoriasis, Eczema, Lichen Planus, Dandruff, Urticaria, Eczema and Utrauna, Psoriasis Vitiligo and many other types of allergy that are most common.
 Every skin diseases have their own indications individually but it is normally easy to be familiar with skin disease as they change the manifestation of the skin to a certain extent and also some of them may cause frustrations.

Communicable diseases quickly spread out surrounded by a population, as they’re very contagious. These diseases are general conditions like the flu, pinkeye or the cold. It needs an assortment of origins, most particularly bacterial and viral. Many communicable diseases symptoms specify whether or not contraction of those passing diseases occurred. Symptoms of some infectious diseases are fever, sore throat, muscle aches, tiredness and headache. Fever is one in each of the symptoms of these diseases. A high fever could also be a symbol of momentous infection. The treatment of such disease often involves recognizing an infectious agent directly or indirectly. Wrapping up regarding the clarification for the disease are primarily based upon the prospect that a patient moved toward connected with a selected agent, the company of a germ during a community, and other epidemiological concerns.

The Massage is the art of medicinal still because the science of body cycle. The most method includes the balancing to needs of a singular individual. Currently days the massage therapy is that the top growing phase of the natural health care, it’s largely to the spreading out in public demand for different approaches to health. It’s changing into a lot of most wanted career for several individuals, and there are many colleges and institutional across the country that offers the massage therapy courses required to own a winning career within the massage trade. Coaching for massage therapy will offer you with suggestions that compulsory to begin your own business, or work for variety of employers in spas, sports clinics, rehab centers, and another therapy and luxury facilities.

Understanding Cancer Risk FactorsUnderstanding Cancer Risk Factors

Cancer is one of the main reasons for death around the globe. It is due to the unusual increase of cells within your body and can impact almost every area of the human body. Widespread varieties of cancer include lung cancer, breast cancers, liver cancer or liver cirrhosis and numerous others. As far as possible, any person would try to steer clear of this life taking disease since not only will it be physically and emotionally agonizing for the victim as well as their friends and relations, but it may also be fiscally burdensome as cancer treatment plans can be extremely expensive. It would take a lot more than some survival gear in order to endure such a large and complex challenge like cancer.

   There are a number of risk factors that increase the likelihood of cancer. Here are several of the common ones:

A. Being Exposed to chemical compounds

 The body’s exposure to highly toxic chemical compounds is among the biggest and most widespread risk factors as to how you can get cancer. By way of example, if you smoke cigarettes and drink a lot of alcoholic beverages, do not expect to be as healthy as a horse. Smoking and ingesting booze heightens risk due to the fact they hold so many compounds that can induce lung and liver organ cancer, as well as other health conditions.

B. Environmental risk factors

  If you are living in the metropolis and there’s a great deal of pollution from cars or trucks, then you could have an elevated risk of cancer. Like cigarettes and consuming alcohol, toxins from cars and other automobiles hold noxious chemical compounds such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene. Too much sun exposure could also cause cancer, cancer of the skin to be precise. Apply some survival equipment when going out through the day – Sun cream.

C. Genes

  Indeed, cancer might be handed down from one generation to another. If any of your family members have a history of cancer, straightaway have yourself checked – you may have the cancer gene. Early diagnosis is extremely important here.

D. Diet regime

  If you keep on filling yourself with unhealthy food like refined goods and instant noodles, you will be at increased risk for cancer. Many processed food and ready to eat meals consist of synthetic ingredients and other chemicals.

These four are just some of the common risk factors connected with cancer malignancy. Since you now know them, use some survival tactics and discover how to avoid cancer. Be a little more diligent with your well-being and steer clear of cancer as much as you can.

Do You Know That watermelon Seeds Has More Health Benefits Than The Fruit Itself?Do You Know That watermelon Seeds Has More Health Benefits Than The Fruit Itself?

Why have we been spitting out watermelon seeds all this time? They’ve got more protein than eggs and taste delicious when roasted..

🍉 Watermelon Seeds Contain Folic Acid (Vitamin B9):

Folate is an essential vitamin responsible for proper brain function and helps control homocysteine levels.

Women of childbearing age require more folic acid as a deficiency of this vitamin is linked to neural tube birth defects.

🍉 Maintain Skin and Hair Health:

Water melon seed can help treat skin problems like rashes, oedema…

Watermelon seed oil can help to get rid of dandruff and the protein present in them can strengthen your hair.

🍉 Helps Promote Heart Health:

Watermelon seeds contain a substance called citrulline, which helps to reduce aortic blood pressure.

Eating the seeds will lower your bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels.

🍉 To Strengthen the Immunity:

Watermelon seeds has alot of antioxidants which protect your body from the harmful free radicals that cause cell damage, cancer and other diseases.

The magnesium in the seeds play a role in enhancing the immune system according to a study.

🍉 For Improving Male Fertility:

Watermelon seeds contain a good amount of zinc, an important mineral beneficial for the male reproductive system.

🍉 Helps Treat Diabetes:

Watermelon seeds promote glucose homeostasis and helped to maintain body weight by improving fasting glucose level, oral glucose tolerance, body weight, food and fluid intake.

🍉 Aids Weight Loss:

Watermelon seeds helps to reduce body weight, food intake, serum glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

🍉 To Prevent Arthritis:

The watermelon seed extract in medium and high doses exhibit a significant antiarthritic activity which helped reduce arthritis.

🍉 Have Antiulcerogenic Effect:

Watermelon seeds helps to avoid stomach ulcers and also lower acidity with the help of the triterpenoids and phenolic compounds in the methanolic extracts.

Eating watermelon seeds might not palatable for some but you can always blend them with your watermelon..

Quick Tips to Boost Your MetabolismQuick Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

There are a lot of people who would give a lot to increase their metabolism. Having a high level of metabolism enables one to maintain burn fat and lose weight fast with the least amount of activity. Metabolism is the rate by which the body produces and consumes energy and calories to support life.

There are several factors that affect the metabolism of a person, such as the amount of muscle tissue, the frequency of the meals one consumes, genetics, stress levels, personal diet and activity levels. Metabolism slows done due to the following: loss of muscle because of not enough physical activity, the tendency of the body to cannibalize its own tissue because there is not enough food energy to sustain it, and the decrease of physical activity that comes naturally with old age.

Here are several ways to fire up one’s metabolism:

1. Build up on lean, mean body mass. It is only natural that metabolism decreases along with age, but it is possible to counter the effects. The amount of muscle a person has is a very strong determinant in the ability to burn calories and shed fat. So it goes without saying that exercise is essential. Build strength and resistance by working out at least twice a week, preferably with weights. Do easy exercises in between workouts. Simple tasks such as walking the dog and using the stairs in place of the elevator can already take off calories. The key is to match the amount of eating to the amount of activity one has. Here are some guidelines in getting the right exercise:

For strength training

-Increase the amount of repetitions of a particular exercise.

-Add the level of resistance

-Utilize advance exercise techniques if possible

For cardiovascular training

-Insert intervals between exercises

-Perform cross-training and combine the exercises

-Add up on resistance and speed

2. Eat breakfast. A lot of people are ignoring the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Surprisingly, the ones who eat breakfast are thinner than the ones who do not. Metabolism can slow down considerably if breakfast is taken during mid-morning or if one waits until the afternoon to eat.

3. Avoid sugar. Sugar enables the body to store fat. It is recommended that a person consumes food that helps sustain an even level of blood-sugar. Additionally, progressive execerise 2-3 times a week should be in order to stabilize blood sugar.

4. Eat spicy foods. Hot cuisine with peppers can increase metabolism.

5. Sleep more. According to research, it is riskier for people who do not get enough sleep to gain weight. Also, muscles are regenerated during the last couple of hours of slumber.

6. Increase water intake. Water flushes out toxins that are produced whenever the body burns fat. Majority of bodily functions involves water, and lack of water causes the body system’s operations to decrease its speed, and produces unneeded stress as a result.

7. Eat smaller meals. It is advisable to consume 4 to 6 small meals that are timed 2 to 3 hours apart.

8. Never skip meals. People tend to skip meals in order to lose weight, which is a big mistake since it slows down metabolism.

9. Plan meals in detail. Always prepare the right amount of food to be consumed at the designated intervals. Do not commit the mistake of eating meals in sporadic patterns.

10. Ditch the stress! Stress, be it physical or emotional, triggers the release of a steroid called cortisol, which decreases metabolism. Also, people tend to eat excessively when stressed.

11. Guzzle up on green tea. It can be used as a substitute for coffee. Tea has the ability to stimulate metabolism, and unlike coffee, it has no undesirable side effects when too much is consumed.

12. Include more energy foods in the diet, such as fruits and vegetables, beans and whole grains.

Achieving the desired body weight is never impossible if one has the determination and patience needed to stabilize the metabolism level, which plays an important role in weight loss. A person needs to realize that eating right and working out is not just a passing fancy, but a way of life.


So much renewal and growth take place at night time.

1. Do you know that your body produces a hormone known as melatonin and that this hormone is only produced during the night?


3. Do you know that this melatonin PROTECTS THE CELLS OF YOUR BODY?

4. Do you know that this melatonin is AN ANTI-STRESS HORMONE?

5. Do you know that this melatonin is an ANTI-AGING HORMONE?

6. Do you know that this melatonin ENHANCES SLEEP and BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY?

7. Do you know that this melatonin INHIBITS the multiplication of CANCER CELLS?

8. Do you know that this melatonin helps to LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE?

9. Do you know that this melatonin POSITIVELY affects MENSTRUAL CYCLE and FERTILITY?

10. Do you know that this melatonin maintains your body’s internal clock mechanism?

11. Do you know that ONCE MELATONIN RELEASE commences IN THE DARK AND YOU SWITCH ON LIGHTS IN YOUR BEDROOM, THE PRODUCTION OF MELATONIN CEASES IMMEDIATELY and will never be restored again for that night till the following night?

12. Do you now understand why melatonin is called the “SHY” HORMONE or HORMONE OF “DARKNESS”?


14. If you wake up at night to ease yourself, a bed lamp or torchlight emitting close to ORANGE RAYS (DEEP SUNSET COLOUR), amber colour or candle light is recommended to facilitate your movements. The deep sunset colour is the only light wavelength that does not shut down melatonin production at night. All other light spectrum or colours, in varying degrees, shut down the production of this important melatonin. BLUE LIGHT IS THE WORST OF ALL LIGHT TO USE AT NIGHT DURING SLEEP. MELATONIN CAN NOT BE PRODUCED UNDER BLUE LIGHT.

15. Do you know that when, from sleep, you suddenly wake up in the night to answer phone calls, that the light from your phone’s screen interferes with the release of this beneficial, health-promoting hormone?


if you are using a smart phone, before you go to bed, click on the ‘eyecare’ icon and that will cast a SUNSET COLOUR ON YOUR PHONE’S SCREEN. Should a call come in at night, you may answer it without melatonin production shutting down. If your device does not have an inbuilt blue filter mechanism, download any BLUE FILTER APP from PLAY STORE and activate it every night before you sleep. The blue filter app will give a sunset cast to your phone’s screen at night.

17. GOD is great, FREE MELATONIN SUPPLY AT NIGHT, IN YOUR SLEEP, AT NO COST; just sleep in dark rooms without switching on wrong lights.


*💓 health is wealth. 😷 Keep safe and live free from Covid19😷