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Let Me Tell You A Little About My Journey To The Amazing Discovery of What Helped Me......

My name is Bolade Thomas. I am from Ogun State working and living in Lagos with a good paying job. I have a lovely wife with 2 amazing kids that loves me so much as a father.

The story is about me and my father, who lived for about 13 years blind before he died at age 76. The pain and agony of the lost of his sight at age when he needed it most is a painful reality for the whole family. As a second child and first son of the family of 6 children, I was scared that I could go blind earlier than my father age because I was already having series of eye problems since I was 19.

I am the first son with responsibility towards my mother and siblings.

After my graduation from the university when I am supposed to be fully searching for my dream job, the responsibility to take care of my father as the eldest son felled on me.

Several times, I will accompany my dad to National Eye Centre in Kaduna and Catholic Eye Mission hospital in Agowoye in Ogun State for eye treatment and surgery.

With sad reality of what could happen to me as an example of what has happened to my father, at a point in my life I started preparing my mind for the worse that could happen.  I began practicing how to live as a blind man. 

I will close my eyes and tried to perform some tasks like washing, bathing, walking about, etc. This affected my life, plans and goals because I felt my future was uncertain, but I kept trying.

I was always around him wherever he wanted to try anything new. 

This I was doing for 2 reasons: 

1: I so much love him and feel his pains Reason number

2: I wanted a cure for him because that will mean a cure for me too, and my future will no longer be uncertain

It pained me when he died of complications resulting from his previous surgeries. I was 32 years and my planned wedding with my fiancé was suspended for about 2 years.

In between my father ordeal, I had secured a job and I was settling down as a young man gradually. But I am not performing at best in my job. And this became an appraisal issues that I was called in by the Human Resource Managers for counseling.

The advice I got changed the whole story for me. The HR Manager, Mrs. Adeosun, an elderly woman in her mid-50s said:

"Bola, you are finished ONLY when you stop fighting. Don't be a quitter. Don’t let your fathers’ past condition denied you your own life. You can continue to feel sorry for yourself, or you can take this up by looking for a solution.

This message triggered my search for a solution to my eye problems. Like they say, Seek you Shall Find, Ask you Shall Receive.  


In Search for The Solution

Just like miracle, sometimes we denied ourselves the joy we deserve because we like to pity ourselves than tell ourselves the truth. I told myself the bitter truth. The truth is I will do everything within my power to help regain my clearer vision again.

So, I tried several eye solutions, like capsules, herbal concoction, visited an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) with recommendation of eye drops. Some of them work for some visible result but my condition went back, and some are total scam. 

I continued my search further until I came across an old school mate on our old student association WhatsApp group. We connected at instant after about 12 years of loss contact. We chatted catching up on our old memories together and it was good memory I must admit.

Tunde, my old friend invited me to visit his family and I met his lovely family. Tunde’s wife, Folake is a lovely lady that has a very warm heart.

As a way to warmly wleocme me to her home , she gave me the family album. Your guess is as good as mine as i was struggling to look through the collections without my thick eye glasses with me.

As an observant lady, she noticed my uncomfortable situation with the way I was struggling to look through the album without my glasses on.

She came to ask me if there is anything wrong with my eyes.

At a point I felt embarrazed, but I remember the admonition of the HR Manager, Mrs Adeosun.

So I opened up to her, and like they say everything else is history.  

What Tunde s’ wife, Folake offered me changed my story. It was a combination of supplements her aunt used when she had eye problem.  As someone who is willing to go exra mile to get result, i jumped at it and ordered for the supplements right there in their house.

Lo and behold, it took about 13 days of use for me to begin seeing some changes.

  • My blurry vision had drastically improved.
  • I can look at laptop with ease.
  • My eye discharges increased at nights but with clearer vision in the morning.
  • My severe pain due to strain around the eyes disappeared after 3 months of use.

I still use my glasses occasionally if I want to and my eye doctor became interested in what changed my story. I shared my discovery with him and he attested to the fact that there are good supplments that are very good provided one is willing to buy them. As at today, my doctor is No 1 Promoter of this supplement as he has many patients he wish to help.

This is my story, and I hope you find it motivating to open up for the help you need to regain your full eyesight and live life to the fullest.

Enough of My Life Story. It's Time to Talk About Your Eye Problem

Like the HR Manager, Mrs Adeosun asked me to go for help and stop whining, I want you to take that bold step if you or anyone around you have any of the eye condition below

  • Eye Strain
  • Dyslexia
  • Cataract    
  • Glaucoma      
  • Poor Night Vision     
  • Blurry Vision     
  • Astigmatism     
  • Near Sightedness 
  • Old Age Sight       
  • Macular Degeneration  
  • Lazy Eye      
  • Light Sensitivity  

Please take this information seriously and read every word to the end!  

If Glaucoma, Cataract, Blurry Vision and Myopia is ignored or taken for granted, it can slowly and sneakly make you go totally blind forever. It can ruin your happiness and that should not happen after this discovery...to avoid an agony of loss of vision, i promise to introduce the Natural Vision Solution to you.

INTRODUCING....Natural Vision Solution

1 Month Pack

2 Months Pack

3 Months Pack

Is This Product Safe and Healthy for My Consumption?

The PURE Products are manufactured by PURE Company in the United States with the highest body of certifcation from US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approval for public health. And to make it locally acceptable, the Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has given the seal of approval as producst fit for Nigerian public.

And now, the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has added their loud voice to PURE product's efficacy by partnering with our company and endorsing the products, after having pass them through their clinical analysis.

Hear what Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has to say in this video...

So, How Much Do I Pay to Get My Sight Problem Cured With this Product?

Our Sight Recovery Pack Will Be Delivered To Your Door Step At A Discounted Price Of:



1 Month Supply


1 Pure Cleanse

2 PurXcel


2 Months Supply


2 Pure Cleanse

4 PurXcel


3 Months Supply


3 Pure Cleanse

6 PurXcel

But there is a reward for few fast action takers...If you place your order in the next 24 hours,You will receive the following additioal discounts of

#5000 for the 1 Month Pack

#10,000 for the 2 Months Pack

#15,000 for the 3 Months Pack



1 Month Supply


1 Pure Cleanse

2 PurXcel


2 Months Supply


2 Pure Cleanse

4 PurXcel


3 Months Supply


3 Pure Cleanse

6 PurXcel

Am I Allowed to Order Now and Pay When You Deliver The Products?

Yes, because we know that there are fraudulent men and women out there trying to rip you off your hard earned money, we have arranged that you receive your products on a Pay-On-Delivery basis.

In this case, all fears are gone and you can enjoy your peace of mind.

Amazing True Life Testimonials

You have two choices before you right now.
1st Choice: Take advantage of this amazing product at this discounted price and save your eyes and your life,
2nd Choice: Wait to pay more or be told that the product is no longer available, as it is with every effective products. It is also a choice but with huge consequences.
Like the HR Manager told me, Do everything you need to regain your eyesight or you take chance as we are likely going to be out of stock with high demand

Rememer,  Decicion=Destiny. Act Now

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