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Dear Friend,

A beneficiary of this great product i want to show you…

a former diabetes sufferer. But before I tell you about this beneficiary allow me to ask you this questions…

  •  Are you sick and tired of spending thousands of Naira on your diabetes without any results?
  • Are You Sick and Tired of Pricking our Hands with Needles Just Because You Want to Check Your Sugar Level Every Single Week?
  • Are You Sick and Tired of managing your diabetes problem without any visible changes years after years?
  • Are You Scared of Future Complications of The Diabetes Drugs You Take Just to “Suppress” Your Diabetes?

My name is David.

I’m a 41year old man with a wife and 2 children, and I’m the owner of a Desmack   restaurant. Now, I’m going to share my story with you, and honestly, it’s a little embarrassing, but it’s worth it to help you get free from your disease.

Few years ago, I almost lost everything.

I’d been suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for almost a decade.

I always had to worry about which foods would send my blood sugar off the charts. Heck, I became a chef because I loved food, and now I was stuck eating bland, boring meals. I was a burden on my family, and I was terrified my kids would end up with my disease.

Every single day I had to prick my finger to test my blood sugar, then give myself painful shots. I was spending about 63,000 Naira per month on diabetes.

I tried the other diabetes medications that my doctor recommended. That was a disaster. I emptied my bank account and just about killed myself taking them.

Most of the drugs made me feel nauseous all the time, and most of them made me fat. Even when I spent a week at the beach with my family, I couldn’t relax, always worrying about my blood sugar, and whether I could get back to cooler.

My Type 2 Diabetes was emptying my wallet, destroying my body, and making my life miserable.

I felt trapped.

You’ve probably felt that way before… terrified that your diabetes is going to make your life worse and worse, until it finally decides to kill you.

 But for me, it was about to get even worse.

I’ll never forget that day in my restaurant’s kitchen…

I was understaffed on a Saturday evening – the busiest shift of the week.

My stress was through the roof, my heart was pounding, and the kitchen felt hotter and more humid than ever.

I received an order for a medium-rare steak… …and then my knees went weak. The next thing I knew; I woke up in the hospital.

I saw my wife and 2 teenage kids sitting around me, their eyes red and puffy from crying.

The room smelled like cleaning liquid, and I heard the steady beeping of the heart monitor. When my wife saw I was awake, she threw her arms around me, then called for the doctor.

My son and daughter looked at me like they were watching their daddy die, and I guess they were. The doctor came in and explained what happened.

“You went into a diabetic coma,” said the doctor.

“A Non-Ketotic Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Coma.

Your blood glucose level was at 1,174.” One of the other chefs had rushed me to the hospital.

If I’d been alone when it happened, I’d be dead. The doctor cleared his throat like he was nervous about telling me something even worse…

“Because your diabetes is so advanced, we’ll need to amputate your legs… I’ve scheduled the surgery for this afternoon.”It’s every diabetic’s worst fear: Amputation.

“No!” said my wife. “Absolutely not.”

 She was telling the doctor, “there is no way you’re cutting off his legs today.”

“The longest we can wait to amputate is 90 days,” said the doctor.

“If we wait any longer, it will be too dangerous.” My wife gave a short little nod like she’d won, but the tears glistening in her eyes told me she was heartbroken.

The next week was the worst week of my life. I sat at home on my couch, scared and depressed.

My family treated me like I was already dead. My daughter said “I love you, Daddy” every time she walked by, and my son got mad and wouldn’t talk to me. He didn’t understand why I couldn’t be around forever.

Just about when I was almost giving up I stumbled upon a powerful discovery

that was a game changer! I saw an article on facebook shared by my friends about a powerful solution being distributed by a health specialist in China called Dr Steven. He’s a medical doctor and professor of medicine and metabolism

In the article ...

Its was clear to me that “The Solution to Diabetes Lies in a taking one simple HERBAL TEA!”

“So many people in the world don’t know that China has a COMPLETE solution to many of the worlds chronic problems!”

 This is where it got interesting!  

then i went on reading on how this a 2,000 years old herb called “ Cyclocarya Paliurus” which have been used in Ancient Chinese medicines to lower sugar levels & protects the taker from having diabetes. 

When I read how successful this was, I was both excited and furious. Excited because now I had hope for the future. And furious because Dr. Steven talked about this solution several years ago.

“Why wasn’t this the first thing my doctor told me when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?”

What he should have said was: “You have this disease, now let’s get rid of it.” But instead he was treating the symptoms

So I knew if I wanted to reverse my diabetes, I was on my own. I started using the supplement that was produced based on Dr. Steven researched (The exact supplement I want to show you); I tried it out, and it worked.

I noticed….

If you boost your metabolism, then your disease can’t come back. The solution I am talking also helped me to boost my metabolism so my diabetes doesn’t come back again.

Can you imagine how excited I was? With this latest discovery… I actually reversed my Type 2 Diabetes. ·        

I told my wife and she wept for joy. Then came the day I’d been dreading: My next appointment with my doctor. He wanted to check how I was doing…


 And schedule the surgery to amputate my legs. I went to the hospital, they did their tests, and then I waited in the exam room.

First, the doctor stuck his head in. “There’s something wrong with the tests. We’re running them again.” 

So I waited even longer. Finally, he came back.

“What did you do?” he asked, looking at his clipboard. For a second, I thought he was mad at me. “What did you change?” he asked again.

“A new diet?”

 I told him about Dr Steven research based on the supplement and how it was produced based on his research. “Well,” said the doctor,

“that just saved your legs, and your life. “We don’t need to amputate. And as healthy as these tests look, you could live to be a hundred.

“3 months ago you had about the worst case of Type 2 Diabetes I’ve ever seen. And now it’s like you never had it at all. It’s a miracle.”

If you’ve gone through this page to this length, then I think you’re ready to be part of this exclusive group of people.

I want you to have your very own bottle(s) of this powerful solution. I want you to be one of the few who knows how to Destroy Your Type 2 Diabetes…

Here is the powerful diabetes destroyer and blood sugar normaliser product (supplement) I’ve been talking about…

Introducing ...

Sugar Balance Tea is a special herbal tea recipe made using ancient tea processing technique combined with the power of today's modern extraction technology to produce a very powerful herbal tea that will help you rapidly correct your diabetes without spending all your life savings on expensive hard drugs and insulin injections that will never work at all!

Made with the extremely effective “Cyclocarya Paliurus” herb that is well known to reduce sugar level in the body system, thereby correcting your diabetes.

Due to the fact that this tea works like a miracle, there has been a huge demand for this amazing Diabetic tea on facebook, and it’s getting out of hands.

This is because this amazing tea works as stated

This Herbal Tea is also not just recognized by NAFDAC, it is also approved internationally by Halal and GMP.

Meaning that it is 100% approved for use whether you are a Muslim or Christian.

  The BEST Part Is…  

“It’s In Form of Your Popular Lipton & Top Tea So You Can Consume It Easily Without Fear of Side Effects!”

 How Does The Tea Works? 

1. It ELIMINATES All Toxins And Residue Of Other Ineffective Or Harmful Drugs in Your System So that Nothing Will Stop It From Working. After That…

  2. The Special Herb In The Tea And The Other Active Ingredients Will Begin To Regenerate Your Pancreas By Activating B Cells So That It can Start Producing Insulin By Itself Again. Then…

  3. It Will Build New Cells In Your Immune System That Will Speed Up Your Recovery From The Damages That Have Already Been Caused In Your Body. And Finally

4. It Will Restore Your Blood Sugar Back To Normal Without Any Insulin Shots Or Drugs.


"In Fact, the way these Tea works is just like the way Panadol works to cure your headache!"

Just get a cup of hot water, put the tea bag inside, wait for 10 - 15 mins to dissolve…  

Then you drink it and it starts to work healing you immediately.  

When you use this product as instructed, you will start to feel the relief and heal benefits from 21 days and above depending on the level of blood sugar in your system.


This tea not only stops and reverses the effects of Type 2 Diabetes Without Side Effects, It Can Also…  

Reduce Your High Blood Pressure Without You Needing To Take Drugs Help You To Lose Excess Weight Fast,

So That You Feel Healthy And Agile Again   Help You To Reduce Wrinkles To Make You Look Younger and Vibrant Promote Good Blood Circulation Of The Heart And Brain, To Prevent And Relieve You Of Any Symptoms Of Stroke.

However, This Natural Herbal Therapy Has A Small Flaw...  

There is a small flaw that this therapy has......

 It Will Not Cure You Overnight!

This is not a magic herb or a wonder medicine that will Miraculously heal you OVERNIGHT  like what most people want, and that all those big pharmaceutical companies will promise you.

  However, this supplement is very powerful…   It is so powerful a consistent usage of it have the potential reverse your Type- 2 Diabetes or pre-diabetes…  

No Matter how old you are No matter if you have had the disease for decades already No matter even if your blood sugar levels are already sky high   So With This Revolutionary Health Discovery...  

You’ll be free from painful and annoying insulin injections!    You’ll say goodbye to expensive and hard to take medicines that make you feel sick and make you fat!

  You’ll be free from swallowing tons of supplement pills like an addict! You’ll break away from the constant stress and worry over whether!

   You’ll remove the anxiety of always watching your blood sugar levels, and watching jealousy as other people eat your favorite foods.

And you’ll never ever again feel like a burden or liability to your family and friends   Okay so with everything I’ve said now, I’m sure the next question on your mind now is.

 How Much Is This Amazing Natural Diabetes Therapy Cost You? 

Remember that A Complete One Month Treatment Of The Natural Diabetes Therapy has 2 packs of 40 Tea Bags, goes for just N40,000 Only.

      However, There Is Something You Should Know...  

Right now as I speak, I have only 50 packs left, and this tea is moving very, very fast!!

But here it the thing; I know you want this Product Right NOW   And I also know that if you leave this page now without buying, you might procrastinate about getting it, until you eventually forget.  

But I want you to get it, to make sure that happens I am going to give you a STARTER PACK BONANZA discount right now.  

So if you order for the Sugar Balance Tea today, right now, you'll  not be going to pay the original price of N35,000 Per Pack.

So How Much Will it Cost You?

  I'm running a 48 hours 20% Discount Bonanza as a TEST & SEE bonanza  so that you too can see the  amazing magical effect of this powerful tea! 

In this bonanza sale, instead of giving you a one month supply which would cost you over N35,000.

So How Much Will it Cost You?

I'm running a 48 hours 20% Discount Bonanza as a TEST & SEE bonanza  so that you too can see the  amazing magical effect of this powerful tea! 

Option One! 


(One Packs of Sugar BalanceTea + One MORE FREE Pack!) 


Is Your Diabetes a Serious One?

Then I Have a Super Amazing Option for You!

You Can buy 4 Packs of the Sugar Balance Tea that will last your for OVER 60 days, instead of paying a whopping N70,000 (i.e N35,000 x 2=> N70,000) You'll be paying JUST......


Bonanza Price N40,000 Only

But That Is Still Not All!

Do You know that if you order this amazing Sugar Balance Tea today, you get a very amazing mouth watering bonuses that are very amazing and hard to come by? 

Check Them Out....


Free Shipping to Any Location In The Country! (Value: =N=5,000)

And just to make sure that there is no Risk on your part and to prove that this Our Newly Discovered Diabetes Corrective Supplement Works, you are INSURED & COVERED by our…

 Meaning that if it does not work for you within the next 90 days, all you need to do is just call, and provide evidence that I didn’t do one single thing in your body, and we will give you back your full money.

It's better for me to give you back your money back with a clean conscience than to sell you something that doesn’t work and get cursed.

In fact,  you will never ever see any deal like this in Nigeria, because a lot of research went in before we came out with this product. But if You Think N25,000 is Too Much, Here is something you should know: When the crisis starts, it comes like a thief in the night.....

It does not give a warning...It does not give any signals....  You’ll just see the person shaking, and having a strange tingling from the hand. Then it gets worse. You would start feeling lazy and your blood pressure would increase gradually.

And the longer you go with your diabetes condition, the more the likelihood that you will just have an injury from nowhere.   It could start from a single boil, which could eventually turn into a very big and unhealable sore & it even becomes worse if you have blood pressure.

If care is not taken, it can get complicated and lead to amputation/ surgery of one of your limbs, if it does not heal.  

And the really bad new about amputation/ surgery apart from the risk of life involved and the loss of your limb is that you should also be ready to spend a huge amount of money on medical treatment.

From N250,000-N1 Million!

And even surgery may not be enough to stop possible future complications. For instance, you could become… Totally blind Lose your kidneys and damage your liver Have stroke and possibly Heart disease   You see I am not trying to scare you......

  I just want you to be aware of all the sorts of bad things that can happen to you when you avoid tackling this dreadful disease on time.  

That is the hard truth and you know it!

 FREE GIFT #3: With Huge Discount  

To further sweeten the offer, I’m giving you a 3rd FREE Gift (worth 25,00). While you’re trying Sugar Balance Tea ™ for 30 days, You can also get our Glucoleader, a device that help you monitor your blood glucose levels?

However, is Completely Up To You To Make The Right Choice, The way I see it, you have just 2 options.

1.You Ignore All You Have Read, Continue Praying That Diabetes Is Not Your Portion When The Signs Are Clearly Vivid… While You Keep Spending Money On Things That Are Obviously Not Working And Eventually Come Back When This Is More Expensive… Or

2. Get Sugar Balance Tea Offer Right Now, Save Your Health And Live a stressless Life You truly deserve. But I Know You Are Smart, smarter than just glancing over this amazing over and that is why you will choose option 2 above… If So, Click On The Red Button Below to Place an Order for the Natural Diabetes Therapy Today:

So Let Me Ask You This Question Again...

Would You Like To Eliminate And Reverse Any Type Of Diabetes Just The 5,200 Lucky People Who Have Used This Natural Diabetes Therapy When Everything Else Has Failed?

If Yes Is Your Answer, Then Don’t Waste Time. Don’t Overthink It I Wish You Better Health In Every Part Of Your Body.

NOTE: This’s Your Health We Are Talking About here, and remember what they say about one’s health….

health is wealth, so don’t even overthink it, grab your own Sugar Balance Tea before we are out of stock!

This tea is not bitter...

it’s does not smell awful, but rather it tastes nice

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