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 Discover:The Proven Way To Get Rid Of Diabetes Naturally And be Free Within The Shortest Possible Time.

It works for pre-diabetes and even type 1 diabetes… This powerful supplement  helps to Normalises blood sugar/glucose Permanently and also repair The Pancreas To Function Normal.

Let Me Tell You A Little About My Journey To The Amazing Discovery of What Helped Me......

Here This,

DO YOU KNOW THAT DIABETES Cause Damage to the Large Blood Vessels of the HEART, BRAINS and LEGS (Macro vascular complications) damage to the Small Blood Vessels, causing problems in the EYE, KIDNEYS, FEET and NERVES (Micro vascular complications)!!! 

I want to share with you a simple but effective solution that helped me to FINALLY put an end to my Diabetes Problems after many years of frustration.

And, along the way, I’ve been opportune to help OVER 50,000 Nigeria and Ghana Men And Women to overcome Diabetes My name is Mr. Micheal Banker, I was 33 years old when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

That was the same age my dad was when he was diagnosed. I knew there was a good chance I would get it, as almost every relative on Dad's side had it, including my aunt and brother. My father, Justo, died in 2024, just few days to his 70th birthday. He suffered from many complications of type 2 diabetes, many due to the fact that we were unable to afford proper medical care or medication.

"I was horrified because I watched my dad struggle with it all his life and I know what it means when it was confirmed I had it too.

My life has changed a lot in the five years since I was diagnosed  

My Blood sugar level was 280 milligrams per decilitre - 100 or below is considered normal. "My doctor said, 'You can't avoid this. "Diabetes is scary, but you have a choice: manage your disease or let it manage you! My doctor gave me a standard lecture on diet: no chocolate, no fast food, and no soda. "I'm really crazy. When I buy groceries, I remember a lot more about the nutritious food I put in my grocery cart.

I learn to read labels on everything. It's a daily struggle, and yes, sometimes there can be a burnout. I also started doing yoga and walking two miles most days of the week.

A Miracle Finally Came My Way…  

After many months of trying to heal myself from this "Hereditary issue “, I came across my old friend while on vacation in the US, who was a doctor, and I told him about my predicament, and he introduced me to this amazing PURE DIABETES SOLUTION PACK. At first, I never want to believed  it, But i want to prove him wrong, so I used it as directed.

A month later, I was told that I should go and check my blood sugar. So I went ahead for the test, to my surprise my blood sugar level dropped to 170 milligrams per decilitre, my doctor was shocked, So was I, I didn't think my blood sugar could lower to that level with the use PURE DIABETES SOLUTION PACK so I continued using the it and after using for another month I discovered I feel better and I went for test again, surprisingly my sugar level has been normalized, and a lot of improvements in my health life.

I recommended it to my aunt and brother and some friends with the same issue, and they also testify to it, now we all are living happily…

Here is the powerful diabetes destroyer and blood sugar normaliser product (supplement) I’ve been talking about…


Pure Solution Pack 


Checck some of the feedback from our customers

There are tons of feedback but just to show you few

Is This Product Safe and Healthy for My Consumption?

The PURE Products are manufactured by PURE Company in the United States with the highest body of certifcation from US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approval for public health. And to make it locally acceptable, the Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has given the seal of approval as producst fit for Nigerian public.

And now, the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has added their loud voice to PURE product's efficacy by partnering with our company and endorsing the products, after having pass them through their clinical analysis.

Hear what Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has to say in this video...

So, How Much Do I Pay to Get My Diabetes Cured With this Product?

Our Diabetes Pack Will Be Delivered To Your Door Step At A Discounted Price Of:





Product detail

1 PurXcel

1 Daily Biuld

2 cleanse 




Product detail

2 PurXcel

2 Daily Build

4 cleanse




Product Detail

3 purXcel

3 daily build 

6 cleanse

But there is a reward for few fast action takers...If you place your order in the next 24 hours,You will receive the following additioal discounts of

#10,000 for the 1 Month Pack

#15,000 for the 2 Months Pack

#20,000 for the 3 Months Pack






1 PurXcel

1 Daily BuIld

2 cleanse 




2 PurXcel

2 Daily Build

4 cleanse





3 PurXcel 

3 Daily Build 

6 Cleanse

Am I Allowed to Order Now and Pay When You Deliver The Products?

Yes, because we know that there are fraudulent men and women out there trying to rip you off your hard earned money, we have arranged that you receive your products on a Pay-On-Delivery basis.

In this case, all fears are gone and you can enjoy your peace of mind.

Check Out testimonies From people who have used this amazing product for Their Diabetes and Got Good Results”

This pure solution pack basically Saved My Life From The Clutches of Diabetes when I have lost all hope of being normal again!

Right now my sugar level has dropped dramatically to the extent my doctor was shocked when he discovered I have not come to take my insulin injections for over 4 weeks.

The poor doctor had to do a confirmatory test to see for himself if what I was telling him was actually true.
And YES it was true!

I was free from Diabetes finally.

All thanks to Sugar Balance Tea

I’m so grateful for your amazing Effort to help us

Mr Ajiga,
Abuja FCT

My Wife IS Healed! Thanks to Sugar Balance Tea!

My wife was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 5 months, with her blood glucose reading of 375.

The doctor had to put her on metformin — 1,000 mg daily , which brought down her blood glucose level down to 200’s.

So the doctor increased her medications to 2,000 mg a day.

One week after she used Metformin, she started having serious heartburn and breathe seizures.

The doctor had to reduce the dosage back because they noticed my wifes kidneys were failing her, which is a crazy side effect of the drug.

Then a close friend of mine told me about “Sugar Balance Tea”, So I had to buy 4 packs for a 2 months treatment to ensure she’s relieved.

So My wife started drinking one cup of tea in the morning and one in the evening.

Do you believe that in less than 13 days, her glucose level rapidly dropped from 210 to 135!

Now she have stopped taking metformin & her glucose levels have been under 100 since she started taking Sugar Balance Tea .

With all honestly, this is a MUST HAVE supplement for every diabetic person in Nigeria!

- Mr Oredoyin,


You have two choices before you right now.
1st Choice: Take advantage of this amazing product at this discounted price and save your eyes and your life,
2nd Choice: Wait to pay more or be told that the product is not longer available, as it is with every effective products. It is also a choice but with huge consequences.
Like the HR Manager told me, Do everything you need to regain your eyesight or you take chance as we are likely going to be out of stock with high demand

Rememer,  Decicion=Destiny. Act Now

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